As a new school, operating in our first year only up to Year 6, we have no international examination results to share yet.  As an indication of the baseline level of achievement expected of an international branch of Wellington College, below are headline figures from Wellington College Shanghai, which opened in 2014.  Our target, of course, is to equal or better these outstanding results!

It is very important to point out that, although we expect outstanding academic attainment, we are not what some people call an ‘exam factory’: the best education must be about a lot more than just exam scores and our unrelenting focus on the whole person, on fostering intellectual curiosity, on developing the five “I”s of the Wellington Identity, on enjoying and excelling in sport, music, performance, creative pursuits – these are fundamental components of what it is to be a Wellingtonian, and they cannot always be quantified as readily as academic performance.

Wellington College Shanghai 2017 IBDP (first cohort): top score 44 points; 30% of students over 40 points; cohort mean of 35.2 points.

Wellington College Shanghai 2017 IGCSEs: A* was the most common grade; 66% of students achieved at least one A or A*; 71% of students achieved at least five A/A* grades; 95% of all Mathematics results were A or A*.